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During the middle-2000s, SUVs from lust car stigma grew at almost 40 percent in the United States to more than 430,000 vehicles (excluding SUV-only brands copy Hummer and Land Rover), at a tense when luxury railcar sales experience a 1% refuse, and no-dainty SUV sales were flat. By 2004, 30 percent of mayor luxury grade' U.S. sales were SUVs. Crossover SUVs became increasingly popular in the middle-2000s, and manufacturers also began to yield luxury versions of crossovers. The Lexus RX was the original dainty crossover on the market, and it has since been the best-trick luxury vehicle in the US. Some luxury crossovers are shaped on a platform part with sedans or hatchbacks, for precedent the Infiniti FX is supported upon the Nissan FM platform that also underpins other Infiniti cars. While early luxury crossovers liberate in the late 1990s have favor traditionary boxy SUVs, more recent crossovers, such as the Infiniti FX and BMW X6, have been mean with a sporting appearance.

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